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What is Circular Economy?

The circular economy goes further than just making things more sustainable. Improving sustainability often mainly involves reducing energy consumption, whereas the focus in the circular economy is on raw materials. The circular economy offers practical opportunities for a transition to a waste-free, resilient economic system. New business models make this possible. The essence of the circular philosophy is the need to move from a linear ‘take-make-waste’ economy, to a circular economy. In this approach, products will last longer, we will use materials in a never-ending cycle and we will get the most out of existing assets such as buildings. In circular construction, raw and other materials and products are used that deliver value before, during and after use. Raw materials are only used where it is unavoidable and provided that they are renewable. The added value from this circular approach is obtained when knowledge is used at the start of the process that concerns the operational phase and the end-of-use phase. This closes the loop.

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