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Climate Change a Design Flaw

Today’s biggest issue/ challenge is climate change, and only design and associated fields are to blame for it. Creativity till now has been expressed at the cost of no regards for the outcome of product and it’s impact on environment and future.

Buildings generate nearly 40% of annual global GHG emissions.
Role of Architects
& Designers 

We here at Sense Aces recognize the significant role architects and designers have in shaping a society or community.

Impact of architect’s and designer work is not just limited to the physical form and structure they make, in fact it goes miles ahead influencing the forms and functional spatial qualities while engaging different communities during that process. This provides a big opportunity and load responsibilities to ensure that the whole process has a positive influence.

Fundamental role of the architect and designer is not limited to creating and designing an experience but also to solve the conflicts of a project such as but not limited to- Social, Environmental and Economic.

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Most people spend the majority of their life indoors, making indoor climate an influential factor of health.

To take advantage of rainfall where clean water is scarce, buildings and urban areas must be designed so that rainwater can be collected, purified and used as drinking water.

The built environment is a major source of energy consumption and a potentially crucial energy producer.

The building industry is producing massive amounts of waste and is consuming large amounts of natural resources and energy

The built environment is crucial to the development of sustainable cities and communities.

The building industry is a major contributor to waste.

The CO₂ footprint of the built environment must be reduced, and buildings and settlements must be adapted to the changing climate.

Every city is built by many hands, and similarly we need to work together to reach the 17 sustainable development goals, as no single stakeholder can reach them alone.

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